We Can Insure Any Car and Any Driver

We are proud to say that we’ve been serving Michigan for over 30 years, and we can insure any car and any driver.  


We offer great rates whether you have a totally clean record or if you have had some problems in the past. Tickets, accidents, poor credit, or just plain bad luck, if you can legally drive it, we can insure it. NO matter what your record is like, we match the right driver to the right company.

Everyone is different, and one insurance company is not the best for everyone. That is the advantage of using an independent agent. We can shop for you. By using the latest technology, we instantly get prices from 11 different top-rated companies. Generally, this takes 5 minutes or less! That way, you always know you are getting the best rate.

For more information, go to our website https://www.plpd.com/ or call us at 810.341.5077. Receive a quote https://plpd.rateforce.com 

Driving in Winter: What You Need to Know

Driving in Snow

PLPD knows how cold it can get here in Michigan once winter time comes. With snow approaching as freezing weather temperatures, we recommend following these tips in order to be prepared and remain safe!

Check Car Before Driving

When heading out, especially in colder weather, it is best to check your vehicle to make sure everything is running smoothly. Start your car for five or more minutes to give it time to warm up and run properly. If it is snowing, making sure the snow it cleared off your windshields, side windows, and out of your exhaust pipe.

Adjust Your Typical Driving Habits

Love cruise control? Speed out of habit? These are two major things to avoid in cold and icy weather conditions. With cruise control, you have less control over your vehicle. With colder conditions and snow, you will need as much control as possible in adverse weather conditions. Same goes for speeding. The speed limit signs are for dry roads, not icy or wet ones. Reduce speed by seven to ten MPH to be on the safe side.

Fill It Up

Be sure to have at least half a tank of gas at all times in colder weather conditions. This can help you stay warm if you ever happen to get stuck in a storm. You can run the heater for 10 minutes every hour for up to five hours in order to stay warm while waiting for help. PLPD recommends never leaving your car when caught in a storm. Calling for help is the safest way to go.

Call Friends or Family

If you must go out during extreme weather, inform friends or family of where you are going. Check in as often as you can, and even share your location with family members and friends if you have an iPhone. This can help ensure your safety in adverse weather conditions. Make sure to let them know when you have arrived at your destination.